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Report from the Dock

It was a nice weather weekend for fishing and activity was strong in most areas. It sounds as though walleye anglers are starting to transition back to minnows, although crawlers and crankbaits are still producing fish. Water temperatures are cooling down and that seems to keep the fish active for longer periods throughout the day. Panfish are still weed-related and active, but several reports this week indicated crappies have started to move off the weeds into deeper water and suspend in some areas so look for that trend to continue as water temperatures cool down. The bear season has gone well with the first week of the season, even the first weekend, providing plenty of opportunities for people to fill their tags. There seems to be no problem drawing bears into baits this season. The early goose started as it always does with some groups doing well and others struggling to get birds. Participation wasn’t overly strong for the early teal season, but those that ventured out seemed to see and shoot enough birds.

Leech Lake Report

Jiggin’ Raps are producing walleyes on the main lake rock piles and mid-depth humps in Walker Bay. A jig and minnow is producing more walleyes on the wind-swept weeds and points as well. Muskies seem to be most active on the rocks and there’s been quite a few reports of anglers having success by trolling. Perch action is slow, at least for big fish, so plan doing a lot of sorting. The cabbage in Boy Bay continues to produce bluegills and crappies. The teal and goose seasons have started well and most bear hunting reports have been favorable as well.

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Report from the Dock Minnesota is lucky to have so many lakes with bluegills and crappies in them because they’ve really provided the best opportunity to consistently put fish in the boat this week. For the most part, bluegills have bit best during the morning and afternoon hours, while crappies are hitting best each evening. […]

Report from the Dock It seems as though many anglers have finally had enough of the wind and warm weather since the number of people venturing out over the past week really took a downward spin. In some locations, it’s become increasingly more difficult to get bigger boats launched due to low water levels and […]

Report from the Dock Everything tends to get a bit repetitive this time of year and that seems to be the case this week. Fishing reports really weren’t that different this week than last, which again means a lot of fishing activity in and around the weeds. Bluegill and bass reports continue to be very […]

Report from the Dock The hot weather continues to persist and that’s kept a lot of anglers off the water. There’s been plenty of recreational activity in most areas, but it’s been so warm, that fishing seems to have taken a backseat. Panfish and bass continue to provide consistent action along the weedlines in most […]

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