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Report from the Dock

It’s the last weekend of the season to fish for walleyes on the state’s inland lakes, and it sounds like it’s been tough to consistently put fish on the ice. The walleyes that are biting seem to be most active late in the day and overnight. They’re mostly being taken on deadsticks with minnows. Panfish reports have been a bit more consistent throughout the state, and there have been more anglers fishing for them than anything else. Some of the best bluegill bites are still taking place in shallow to mid-depth weeds, and in a few areas, crappies are being found in the weeds as well. Those deep basin areas on many lakes will continue to produce crappies as well, especially during low-light periods. Ice conditions are about the same as last week with some limited truck use in the far north, ATVs or walking out in the central part of the state, and little to no ice-fishing options the farther south you go due to poor ice and deteriorated shorelines.

Leech Lake Report

Walleye activity remains limited with better action late in the day or overnight along the 12- to 18-foot breaks and reefs. During the day, a few walleyes are coming off the deep side of the reefs in 22 to 26 feet. The 18- to 20-foot breaks in Walker Bay are also producing a few walleyes during low-light periods. The best report for bigger perch is coming off Pine Point in 8 to 12 feet. The ice took a beating with last Saturday’s strong winds. Several cracks and ice heaves developed, limiting access. More of that is expected this week with the warm weather, so continue to work through resorts, some of which have shut their roads down for the season.

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Report from the Dock Most ice-fishing options have temporarily come to an end across the southern part of the state. There’s still plenty of main lake ice, but it’s soft, and the shorelines have pulled away. The ice-fishing season might not be over, but it has to get cold before fishing through the ice is […]

Report from the Dock It’s been another week of limited fishing pressure in many parts of the state, mainly due to anglers being concerned about ice conditions. Generally, there wasn’t much ice made last week, but it didn’t deteriorate as much as one might think. While some shorelines and access points have been compromised, especially […]

Report from the Dock Ice thicknesses have improved quite a bit since last week’s cold front, and with nicer weather this week, there have been a lot more people fishing. Generally, ATVs, snowmobiles, and side by sides are now being used on lakes across the state. Throughout northern Minnesota, trucks have started to be seen […]

Report from the Dock The first extended stretch of cold air of the season has improved ice depths across the state. Unfortunately, this past week has been so cold and windy that it’s prevented most people from getting out and fishing. There were many more reports indicating that snowmobiles, ATVs, and side-by-sides are now being […]

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