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Report from the Dock

It’s been a tough stretch for anglers across the state, which started about two weeks ago and continues heading into this weekend. The weather patterns, which seem to change almost daily, seems to be the biggest culprit. It seems as though walleyes, panfish, and pike are being seen on electronics in most areas, but they haven’t been very aggressive. Several days of strong winds, along with a few snow events mixed in, haven’t exactly provided ideal conditions for anglers to move around much, either. If they do decide to bite, crappies and walleyes tend to be most active during low-light periods and overnight. But again, even these “night” bites have been off even more this past week. On those days that weather conditions allow people to be mobile and drill a bunch of holes, panfish reports have been better. It’s just been tough to get those type of conditions for a few days in a row, so we’re still at that point of sitting and waiting and taking what a lake gives up most days.

Leech Lake Report

The up and down weather patterns, which have included strong winds some days, seems to have kept most walleyes in a negative feeding mood. Daytime walleyes have been especially tough to connect with, with some activity taking place late in the day and overnight. Work main lake structure or the breaks and humps in Walker Bay from 15 to 24 feet. Perch action has been slow, again likely weather-related this week, and there are some eelpout being caught  in 24 to 30 feet in Walker Bay.

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Report from the Dock With the exception of a few shallow bites, the majority of crappies now being caught throughout the state are over the deepest areas within a given lake. These basin fish are roaming, usually suspending higher in the water column, and most active in the evenings and overnight. Bluegill reports continue to […]

Report from the Dock Lake and ice conditions have remained about the same as last week, meaning anglers continue to deal with a lot of snow and big pockets of deep slush, especially across big portions of northern Minnesota. While more roads have been plowed on many lakes, it’s nearly impossible to travel off of […]

Report from the Dock There seems to be plenty of ice fishing opportunities across the northern half of the state. At the very least you can walk on most lakes and there’s even been some ATV use in a few areas that froze earliest. From central Minnesota and points south of it, ice conditions remain […]

Report from the Dock While lakes across the central and southern parts of the state were mostly ice-free early this week, anglers were finding enough ice to walk on in some areas of northern Minnesota. Starting at about Brainerd and heading north of it, there has been some ice fishing taking place. People have been […]

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