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Report from the Dock

The weather can change a lot in a week in Minnesota, especially this time of year. There was almost no ice worth noting at this time last week, but it’s been cold enough during the past seven days for ice to develop in many parts of the state, and some of it is already thick enough to walk on.

Yes, anglers have started walking on the ice and fishing on many small, shallow lakes or bays. Monday night’s cold, calm conditions appeared to be just what was needed for walkable ice to develop, especially across the northern part of the state.

Generally speaking, and with some caution, you should be able to find a place to fish somewhat comfortably through the ice this weekend. Those lakes and bays that already had a thin layer of ice heading into Monday night are going to be the safest spots to check. With that, ice depths vary greatly; they always do this time of year. But the ice-fishing season has started in some areas more quickly than expected.  

Leech Lake Report

The wind has kept most of the lake open this week, but ice has started to take hold along the south shore, Trader’s Bay, and in Steamboat Bay. Many small lakes and shallow bays throughout the area are also covered with a thin layer of ice, but it all needs to get thicker before walking out is advised.

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Report from the Dock Despite favorable weather over the past week, it appears as though the open water fishing has officially come to an end for the vast majority of anglers across the state. While there have been a few people fishing for muskies or walleyes, and some fish are being caught in select areas, […]

Report from the Dock It’s unfortunate that most boats have been put away for the season, especially because the recent warmup is certainly providing an extension to the open-water fishing season. Those who didn’t pack their summer gear away are doing well, mostly fishing for walleyes or muskies. There have also been some decent walleye […]

Report from the Dock Fishing activity has been light during the past week, although the weather is still allowing people to get out. It’s mostly been walleye and muskie anglers, and they are having some success with not much competition on the water. Grouse reports are still solid, but duck and goose numbers don’t seem […]

Report from the Dock There was a nice push of cool air into the state this week, which has finally started to drop water temperatures. In most locations, water temps were in the mid-50-degree range early this week, and they should continue to drop given weather conditions heading into the weekend. Walleyes seem to be […]

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