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Report from the Dock

There seems to be plenty of ice fishing opportunities across the northern half of the state. At the very least you can walk on most lakes and there’s even been some ATV use in a few areas that froze earliest. From central Minnesota and points south of it, ice conditions remain sketchy so there hasn’t been much fishing activity to report. While foot travel has started in a few areas, ice depths have not improved much at all in central and southern Minnesota since last week. Crappies and bluegills seem to be biting more consistently than walleyes in areas people have been fishing to the north. Most of them are being found in the remaining weedbeds or weed edges, although some crappies are showing up suspended over deep basin areas that are accessible. Generally, the primary walleye spots have been tough to get to, even in the northern part of the state, where better ice exists. Most expectations are that this is going to change by this weekend as ice depths continue improving.

Leech Lake Report

The main lake has 5 to 7 inches of ice in many areas and you’ll find 4 inches out from the park in Walker Bay, but much of the bay still had sketchy ice early this week. Walleyes are being caught in Trader’s Bay and the Pine Point area in 10 to 13 feet during low-light periods. Anglers also are walking on the area’s small lakes, but there is enough snow on them that slush has developed on most.

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Report from the Dock While lakes across the central and southern parts of the state were mostly ice-free early this week, anglers were finding enough ice to walk on in some areas of northern Minnesota. Starting at about Brainerd and heading north of it, there has been some ice fishing taking place. People have been […]

Report from the Dock Fishing reports have been light and we’re down to just the hardcore walleye and muskie anglers at this point, although those venturing out are doing well. It sounds like a nice weather weekend coming up to hunt or fish, so good luck, no matter what you do. Leech Lake Report There’s […]

Report from the Dock Many boats have been put in storage and the various hunting seasons seem to be garnering more interest than fishing at this point. The anglers who continue to fish are doing well, with walleyes, crappies, and muskies providing quality fish-catching opportunities statewide. Walleyes are being found in several distinct locations: shallow […]

Report from the Dock The one constant theme this week is that the number of people fishing has noticeably dropped off. Those who still have their boats out are doing quite well for walleyes, panfish, pike, and bass, especially with water temperatures finally starting to go down. A jig and minnow is the go-to presentation […]

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