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Report from the Dock

What a difference a week makes. With the arrival of some very nice weather last week, lake and travel conditions have improved across the northern half of the state. The snowpack has gone down considerably, which has allowed for more truck and ATV use in most areas. This has also resulted in a lot of water sitting on top of the ice and running down access points or shorelines. Some of these shoreline areas have also started to bust loose due to the running water, so ATVs are probably going to be the best means of transportation north of Brainerd this weekend. South of that line, things are even more up in the air with the current shoreline and access conditions, along with travel options. Truck use is definitely out, some areas and lakes might be in good enough shape for ATVs, while others are now limited to walking out. The bottom line is this: If you can get on, panfish action has improved. While there are fewer people fishing, those going are catching crappies and bluegills in shallow water.

Leech Lake Report

The snow has melted a lot on the lake, but there is plenty of slush and some beat-up access points, so ATVs will be the best travel option for this weekend. Perch action has picked up a bit in the narrows, off Sand Point into Walker Bay, and Agency Bay in 6 to 8 feet. Eelpout are being found on the shallow flats or deep water adjacent to them on the main lake and in Walker Bay. Tullibees are being found suspended off the trench south of Stoney Point or deep water in Walker Bay.

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Report from the Dock Finally, some better weather has arrived across the state and that should improve fishing opportunities. Not just in the number of people getting out, but lake conditions to the north as well. Early this week, deep snow and slush was still limiting where anglers could get to across most of northern […]

Report from the Dock It’s been a tough stretch for anglers across the state, which started about two weeks ago and continues heading into this weekend. The weather patterns, which seem to change almost daily, seems to be the biggest culprit. It seems as though walleyes, panfish, and pike are being seen on electronics in most […]

Report from the Dock With the exception of a few shallow bites, the majority of crappies now being caught throughout the state are over the deepest areas within a given lake. These basin fish are roaming, usually suspending higher in the water column, and most active in the evenings and overnight. Bluegill reports continue to […]

Report from the Dock Lake and ice conditions have remained about the same as last week, meaning anglers continue to deal with a lot of snow and big pockets of deep slush, especially across big portions of northern Minnesota. While more roads have been plowed on many lakes, it’s nearly impossible to travel off of […]

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