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Report from the Dock

There really is no way to sugercoat it: Lakes in the northern half of the state are a mess. Depending on the area, 8 to 14 inches of snow fell last weekend, accompanied by strong winds. Deep snow, drifts, and slush are again an issue on the majority of lakes, so if there isn’t a road plowed, you probably aren’t going to get very far. In addition, many accesses have not been plowed open and most people are no longer willing to plow roads on lakes at this point of the season. On those lakes where a few roads have been opened, traveling off them is not recommended due to the conditions. Even anglers with snowmobiles or ATVs with tracks are struggling to move around in some cases. Obviously, this has resulted in limited fishing reports and, with additional snow in the forecast this week, travel conditions could remain difficult. Lake conditions are better in the southern third of the state, but activity is light in those areas as well.   

Leech Lake Report

This area received about a foot of snow last weekend and that’s once again limited where people can go on the lake. Plowed roads are minimal now that most resorts have shut down for the season, so snowmobiles are the way to go. There have been a few anglers doing well for eelpout in Walker Bay over 20 to 30 feet. Perch reports have been limited due to the conditions, but look to main-lake flats in 18 to 20 feet or Pine Point and the Goose Island area in 7 to 12 feet if you can get to them. 

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Report from the Dock Warmer weather has returned, and anglers have been taking advantage of it. Bait shops and lakes have been busy this week as people once again have the ability to get out and move around. This has meant better fishing reports as well. There seems to be much more panfish activity than last week, […]

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Report from the Dock The weather has been unusually nice throughout the past week, but the number of people fishing continues to drop. The diehard walleye and muskie anglers are going out and they are experiencing decent success with few other anglers around them. Walleyes are mainly being taken with minnows or horizontal baits such […]

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