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Report from the Dock

The spring panfish bite seems to have been pushed back with the recent cold and windy weather. There were crappies and some bluegills starting to be caught in many areas last week, but most of those bites have slowed this week, and weather conditions really haven’t allowed people to fish for them. The traditional shallow, spring spots remain pretty cold so there hasn’t been a big push of panfish into these areas. Generally, they seem to be moving in and out of the shallows – in when the sun comes out and surface temperatures spike and back out when it cools down. Some of the more consistent catches this week have come from bays with a bit more depth, not shoreline related, and outside of these shallow locations in 6 to 15 feet of water. Until it stays consistently warm, it’s likely this will continue to be the case but expect a quick transition once the sun does shine for a few days. Like last week, focus your efforts during the afternoon and evening hours when water temperatures are warms.

Leech Lake Report

The remaining ice went off the lake last weekend, but the weather this past week hasn’t allowed anglers to get out and start looking for crappies in the bays and boat harbors.

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There are small sheets of floating ice and some ice along the wind-blown shorelines, but most of the lake is now open. Any remaining ice is expected to be gone within the next week, possibly by this weekend. Some anglers have been out in boats looking for perch and crappies, but success has been limited. […]

A few people were still on the ice as of Monday, but with the deteriorating ice conditions, that probably won’t be an option any longer. The warm weather softened and honeycombed the ice quickly over the past week and with rain expected mid-week, venturing on it is no longer advised. Sponsored By: Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) […]

Perch are being caught in 5 to 15 feet in Agency Bay, off Sand Point, Cedar Point, and the main lake flats. Tullibee action has really improved off Stoney Point in 30 to 40 feet or the deep holes on the main lake over 25 to 35 feet. Eelpout also remains active in the sand […]

Look for perch in 15 to 20 feet on the north side of Walker Bay, Cedar Point, south end of Bear Island, Agency Bay or the main lake flats. Some perch also are being found in 10 to 13 feet along Walker Narrows and Goose Island area. Eelpout remain active over 30 to 36 feet […]

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