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Some shoreline ice is forming and some of the small, shallow bays have a thin layer of ice as well. The main part of the lake, including Walker Bay was not ice-covered early this week. There’s also ice on the smaller lakes in this area, but not quite enough to get on early this week. […]

The main lake and bigger bays were ice-free early this week. There is thin ice in the small bays and along some wind-protected shorelines, but it’s going to have to stay cold and calm for a string of days before the lake caps. There have been some waterfowl hunters breaking shore ice and they continue […]

While there were a few people on the lake last weekend, there isn’t much to report on the fishing front. With cold weather again moving into the state this week and the deer season underway, the open water fishing season is likely done. Deer hunting reports have been mixed and the warm weather on opening […]

The anglers going out are catching walleyes with a jig and minnow on the wind-driven, main lake areas in 2 to 6 feet. Spots such as Stoney Point, Hardwoods, Roger’s Point, and Pelican Island are all worth working if the wind is hitting them. Duck numbers are up and down as they move in and […]

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