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Report from the Dock

Water temperatures haven’t changed much since last week, but it has cooled enough to start triggering better muskie activity. In many areas, raising and hooking small muskies has not been an issue with bucktails or crankbaits. The majority of bigger muskies that have been caught over the past week seem to be going on large sucker minnows. These bigger minnows have been tough to find in some areas, but they seem to be the ticket for larger fish and should be moving forward. Walleye action continues to improve as the fall fishing season moves forward. Minnows, crankbaits, and glide baits all seem to be producing, although minnows have been the best option in shallow and deep water – just depends on the lake. There seems to be a lot less people chasing panfish this week as muskies and walleyes become more of a focal point. Look for suspended crappies over deep water or bluegills around any remaining green weed. 

Leech Lake

A jig and minnow or spinner and crawler is producing good walleye action around Battle Point, Sugar Point, Bear Island, Second Duck Point, and west of Goose Island in 9 to 12 feet – crankbaits are also producing fish in these areas during the evening hours. You have to do some sorting, but the narrows and Sand Point area are producing perch in 4 to 9 feet. Grouse reports have been light, but duck hunters are shooting a mixed bag of birds, including a few divers this week.

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Report from the Dock Walleyes still haven’t shifted into fall feeding mode, but water temperatures haven’t dropped much over the past week. Once that starts to happen, the state’s walleye bite will quickly improve. Currently, anglers continue to do best during low-light periods in shallow water mostly with crankbaits or with crawlers and minnows during […]

Report from the Dock Many reports were very similar this week to last, which tends to happen this time of year. Not much changes at this point until water temperatures start to again cool down. That means walleyes are primarily being caught on main lake structure or along thick weedlines, mainly early and late each […]

Report from the Dock Mayfly hatches continue to limit walleye success on many of the state’s bigger bodies of water, but for early July, the bite is still going pretty strong in most areas. Anglers seem to be putting more effort towards the early morning and evening hours, taking advantage of these low-light periods for […]

Report from the Dock For the most part, the majority of the state has remained relatively cool over the past week, so water temperatures have not climbed much. There’s a lot of low to mid 60-degree water temperatures being reported and that seems to have allowed those shallow walleye and panfish bites to hang in there for […]

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