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Shiner minnows have been the ticket for walleyes along the wind-driven points and shorelines. Most fish are coming from 4 to 10 feet, although some fish are being found in slightly deeper water on the Goose Island Flats, Annex area, and other rock locations. The 8- to 10-foot weed areas are holding northern pike, while panfish reports continue to be limited.

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Walleye action has been spotty with the most consistent reports coming out of 5 to 10 feet with a jig and minnow. The wind-driven shorelines and points have been the best options so far and anglers have been sorting through quite a few small walleyes. Northern pikes have been active anywhere there are some weeds […]

The cooler weather has slowed any crappie activity that had started in the bays. Shingobee Bay and Boy Bay were giving up a few crappies last week, but that has slowed as water temperatures cooled back down since last weekend. Sponsored By: Reed’s Sporting Goods (218) 547-1505 Shriver’s Bait Company (218) 547-2250 Lodging Options

The shallower bays and most of the main lake were wide open this week as the warm weather took care of the ice faster than many years. There were sheets of ice floating around in Walker Bay on Tuesday morning, but it, along with any other ice that remained, will be gone this week. Sponsored […]

The ice appears to be going out fast. Walker Bay and main lake ice is black and starting to shift, while the shorelines are now open enough to allow the wind to continue chewing away at it. As of Tuesday morning, Pumphouse Bay was wide open and most other bays should be open soon. Given […]

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