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Report from the Dock

The recent summer-like weather took its toll on ice throughout the state and really sped up the ice-out process across the southern half of Minnesota. Most lakes from the Twin Cities and points south are wide open or were very close to being ice-free early last week. There hasn’t been much for open-water fishing activity, but it’s been mostly cool and windy since the lakes opened. As water temperatures climb, start looking to those shallow, mud-bottom bays or channels to start holding crappies. You have to travel north of Brainerd to find ice safe enough to get on, and in many locations, ice conditions are sketchy. Many shorelines and accesses have opened far enough to prevent anglers from getting out, but there will be some ice-fishing opportunities if you travel far enough north. Ice-fishing pressure has been minimal, and it appears most people are content waiting for open water.

Leech Lake Report

You could still get on the lake early last week with an ATV, but there really hasn’t been much activity on it during the past week. Most shoreline areas were intact as of last Tuesday morning, so it’s likely that accessing the lake could be an option.

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Report from the Dock There really is no way to sugercoat it: Lakes in the northern half of the state are a mess. Depending on the area, 8 to 14 inches of snow fell last weekend, accompanied by strong winds. Deep snow, drifts, and slush are again an issue on the majority of lakes, so […]

Report from the Dock Warmer weather has returned, and anglers have been taking advantage of it. Bait shops and lakes have been busy this week as people once again have the ability to get out and move around. This has meant better fishing reports as well. There seems to be much more panfish activity than last week, […]

Report from the Dock The holidays brought out a lot of anglers during the past week. Lakes and bait shops have been extremely busy, especially with the nicer weather and the fact that permanent fish houses are now being pulled out in most areas. Lake and ice conditions vary in a lot of locations, but […]

Report from the Dock Everything was lining up nicely for good ice and lake conditions prior to last week’s snow. Anglers were getting out, using ATVs, side by sides, and even trucks in some areas, but most of that has come to an end. While snow depths varied across the state, enough of it fell […]

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