Leech Lake

  Leech Lake is the perfect summertime destination. With so many exciting amenities like fishing, delicious food and drink options, trails, shops, theaters and music, and more, vacations at Leech Lake are memorable for the whole family. If you’re eager to visit Leech Lake, you’ll be excited to know that there are many great places […]

Report from the Dock With the panfish and bass spawn complete or just about wrapping up (depends on the area), it’s time to start working weeds for most fish species. Established weedlines or weed flats will be primary targets for crappies, bluegills, and largemouth bass moving forward, with plenty of reports this week indicating that […]

Minnesota has so many lakes and so many fishing resorts it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect combination. Some base their choice on the type of fish they most enjoy catching, or the lakes limits on particular species of fish. Some base their choice on the type of lodging they are looking for; […]

Report from the Dock The recent summer-like weather took its toll on ice throughout the state and really sped up the ice-out process across the southern half of Minnesota. Most lakes from the Twin Cities and points south are wide open or were very close to being ice-free early last week. There hasn’t been much […]

Anglers from all over the Midwest travel to Leech Lake due to its diverse fishing opportunities, natural attractions, wildlife, and cultural significance. In a thriving geographic location and with nearly 112,000 acres containing many bays, Leech Lake provides ample vegetation and the optimal habitat for a diverse population of fish. In addition to its diverse […]

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