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September is one of the best months to be in Minnesota. Not only do you get to experience the explosion of fall colors throughout our many state and national parks & forests, but it’s the perfect time to get in some hunting and fishing in the same weekend With Lake Trout season open through September […]

Minnows or crawlers are turning walleye fishing on the main lake bars and wind-driven points in 7 to 12 feet. Better areas this week include Otter Tail Point, Goose Island Flats, Star/Oak Point, and Pine Point – just depends on the wind. Topwater or rubber baits are triggering some muskies and rocks seem to be […]

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Walleyes are being taken with slip bobber rigs on the 6- to 10-foot weed patches in Headquarter’s Bay, Boy Bay, Miller’s Bay, and Uram Bay. Lead-core and crankbaits are producing walleyes over 20 to 25 feet on the main lake rock areas during the day, as is long-lining crankbaits at night around Goose Island and […]


Spinners and crawlers continue to produce walleyes on the main lake flats in 10 to 14 feet. There’s also been fish starting to be caught with minnows on the flats and green weed areas in 9 to 12 feet, while others are hitting Jiggin’ Raps on the deep humps in Walker Bay. At night, slip […]

It’s no secret that Walker, MN, is one of the best fishing locations in the region. From Leech Lake itself, which offers over 160 square miles of world-class fishing, to the many surrounding lakes and rivers in Cass County, it’s truly an angler’s paradise. Of course, there’s a reason we associate “fish stories” with bending […]

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