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Most walleyes are coming out of 14 to 20 feet during the day on spinners and crawlers – work the reefs and bars. Jiggin’ Raps also are turning daytime walleyes in 15 to 22 feet along the hard-bottom structured areas. At night, trolling crankbaits in 9 to 12 feet around the points in Walker Bay […]

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Nightcrawlers or Jiggin’ Raps are producing the majority of walleyes on the main lake reefs and sunken islands in 14 to 20 feet. There are some deeper walleyes on the humps in Walker Bay and some fish are being caught with crankbaits at night off the points and shoreline breaks in 9 to 12 feet. […]

Crawlers and spinners are turning some walleyes during the day in 10 to 15 feet on Diamond Point and Huddle’s Reef or 15 to 20 feet around Pelican Island and Paris Trench. Jiggin’ Raps also are producing walleyes on the humps in Walker Bay, as are crankbaits at night off Sand Point in 9 to […]

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The humps in Walker Bay started producing some walleyes on Jiggin’ Raps. Spinners and crawlers are being used to cover water and trigger walleyes on the main lake structure and breaks in 14 to 18 feet. There’s been more muskie fishing activity this week than last, but few fish are being caught. Work the weeds […]

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Cover water with spinners and crawlers for walleyes on the main lake in 12 to 20 feet – the reefs, Diamond Point, and Pelican Island are worth noting. Some walleyes also are hitting Jiggin’ Raps on the 8- to 10-foot breaks in Walker Bay. Muskies are being raised on the sandy shorelines or main lake […]

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