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Report from the Dock The weather was ideal and there seemed to be a lot of people fishing during last weekend’s start to the walleye season. Bait and tackle shops were busy across the state. As is the case with most openers, walleyes bit well in some areas, while the bite in other locations was […]

Report from the Dock There was quite a bit of preparation taking place early this week statewide for the upcoming fishing opener. Minnow and leech supplies sound as if they should be much better than last year heading into opening weekend, and walleyes are expected to be shallow in most locations. Water temperatures are still […]

One of the most iconic events signaling the start of the fishing season is the Minnesota Fishing Opener, which falls on May 11th this year. For many, this marks the beginning of weekends spent on the water, enjoying the great outdoors and the thrill of the catch. History of the Minnesota Fishing Opener The tradition […]

Report from the Dock Cool and windy conditions during the past week have changed the state’s crappie bite in most areas. While crappies were being found in many shallow, traditional spring locations last week, they’ve since moved out or seem to be moving in and out of shallow water with the coming and going weather […]

Report from the Dock The warm and bright weather late last week and last weekend definitely improved the shallow-water crappie bite in many parts of the state. It took only a day or two for water temperatures to spike enough in the dark-bottom bays, harbors, channels, and shorelines for crappies and some bluegills to move […]

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