Leech Lake Fishing Report for June 12th, 2024

Leech Lake Fishing Report for June 12th, 2024

June 12, 2024

Report from the Dock

A slip bobber and leech have been the go-to presentation for walleyes in many areas this week. Weedlines, shoreline breaks, points, and even deep structure are all being worked with bobbers and they’re producing walleyes. Some anglers are also covering water with live bait or spinner rigs tipped with leeches and picking off walleyes along emerging weedlines. The shallow shoreline jig-and-minnow bite is still producing fish in many northern locations as well. Generally, vegetation has been the key to success for many fish species this week. Emerging weedlines and weedbeds seem to be holding plenty of walleyes, pike, bass, and panfish. Bluegills and largemouth bass are still swimming along the shorelines in some locations as they wrap up their spawn, but more reports this week indicated a noticeable push out to mid-depth weeds. Across northern Minnesota, small mouth bass remain shallow!

Leech Lake Report

There’s been quite a few walleyes caught around the weeds this week. A jig and minnow, slip bobber and leech or piece of crawler, spinners and crawlers, and a jig and leech are all producing fish along the 9- to 12-foot weed edges in Sucker Bay, north end of Walker Bay, Portage Bay, and off GrandVu Flats. The deeper rocks around Bear Island and the Claybanks have also kicked out a few walleyes. The weeds in Miller’s Bay and Boy Bay are producing muskies, while smallmouth bass continue to be found on shallow rock. You’ll find crappies off the weedlines in Sucker Bay and bluegills in the shallow, bulrush stretches of most bays.

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