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If you planned a visit to the Leech Lake area this summer, you may worry that your vacation is in jeopardy. Not to fear! Our city has worked hard to ensure that your favorite restaurants, attractions and fun activities are available for you and your family this summer. Your visit might just look a little […]

Happy angler holds angry Zander fish

Spinners and crawlers, jigs and plastics, or Jiggin’ Raps are producing walleyes during the day on the main lake rocks and break lines in 14 to 20 feet. Slip bobbers and leeches also are working during low-light periods in 11 to 14 feet off the points in Walker Bay. The weed edges throughout Sucker Bay […]

Spinners with nightcrawlers are turning walleyes on the east side of Pelican Island in 12 to 15 feet or in 10 to 16 feet off Battle Point, Two Points, and Five Mile. A slip bobber and leech is producing walleyes during low-light periods on Center Reef and the humps in Kabekona Bay. Muskie reports have […]

Holding a fishing rod

There’s been a significant bug hatch since last week so nightcrawlers have become the bait of choice for walleyes on the main lake humps, bars, and rocks in 14 to 18 feet. The main basin rock piles are giving up smallmouth bass, while largemouths are hitting topwater baits in the reeds or cabbage beds of […]


With the recent lift of the “Stay at Home” order, Minnesotans are now one step closer to enjoying their normal day-to-day lives. Not only is it no longer required to stay in your home (aside from essential errands), but Minnesotans may also gather in groups of 10 or less, and can even go camping with […]

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