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Although there were some perch and tullibee anglers on the lake last weekend, that might not be an option any longer. While main lake ice is probably favorable for some form of light travel, deteriorating shoreline ice is limiting people from getting on it, or even wanting to go on it. Sponsored By: Reed’s Sporting […]

Yellow perch reports have improved quite a bit over the past week in areas around Goose Island, the Meadows, Agency Bay, First and Second Duck, Pine Point, Hardwoods, and Sand Point 7 to 15 feet. Anglers have been sorting through small fish, but there’s plenty of nice perch in the mix. Tullibee reports are still […]

The 6- to 10-foot sand/weed areas are producing perch, but you better plan on sorting through some small fish. Sand Point, Battle Point, Pine Point, and Agency Bay have been some of the better spots this week. The deep breaks and humps in Walker Bay continue to kick out eelpout at night. Look to Rogers […]

Lake conditions have improved enough that off-road truck use is now an option in many areas. The slush has diminished as well, just avoid any large drifts. The reefs on the south shore are giving up a few walleyes during the evening hours in 17 to 26 feet, as are the 25- to 30-foot humps […]

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