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Report from the Dock

It’s been a strange week of walleye fishing with many reports indicating that there’s been quite a few fish being caught in shallower water – less than 10 feet in many areas. For as hot as it continues to be, you’d think the exact opposite would be taking place, but the shallow structure and shallow to mid-depth weeds seem to be giving up walleyes most consistently. This is especially true early and late each day, and most midday walleye action continues to be slow. You really have to cover water and grind out bites during the day. Muskie reports were surprisingly slow, but many areas did report that a lot of anglers quit fishing them due to the warm water, which stresses these big fish out. Weedlines and weed pockets continue to provide the most consistent panfish, bass, and northern pike activity. It’s repetitive this time of year, but you’ll catch a mixed bag of fish in and along with established weed areas of most lakes. It’s also worth noting that plastics, crankbaits, and a wide range of live bait presentations are all turning fish this week.

Leech Lake Report

It continues to be a spotty stretch of walleye activity and the fish being caught have been spread out on deep breaks. Cover water with a spinner rig and crawler from 15 to 20 feet and key on low-light periods of the day. Some of the more consistent walleye action is taking place at sunset and shortly after dark with slip bobbers and leeches off Sand Point and Cedar Point in 10 to 14 feet. Muskie reports have improved with bigger fish chasing bucktails on the rocks rather than weeds. Find a cabbage bays in nay bay and you should locate some panfish and bass.

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Report from the Dock Mid-day walleyes have become increasingly hard to consistently catch in most areas. Anglers doing best are covering water with a spinner and crawler on mid-lake structure and picking off a few active fish as they go. The early morning and evening hours have been more consistent, especially on big flats or […]

Report from the Dock There seemed to be quite a bit of fish movement to deeper water this week. Walleye action has been tough in many areas during the day, but the fish being caught are in that 15- to 20-foot range and being taken with spinner and live-bait rigs on, or around the structure. […]

Report from the Dock After the cold front last week, weather conditions stabilized a bit more and walleyes seem to be responding in most areas. Minnows are still productive, but leeches, nightcrawlers, and even crankbaits have started to produce better numbers of fish. Work the points, shorelines, and other shallow structures during low-light periods or […]

Report from the Dock With bright, warm, and calm conditions, it wasn’t exactly ideal walleye-catching weather for Saturday’s fishing opener. While the number of people on the water was noticeably high, the number of walleyes boated wasn’t in most areas. Most lakes also remain extremely clear so that played a role in the lack of […]

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