Your last fall getaway to Leech Lake

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Your last fall getaway to Leech Lake

November 16, 2020

If you live anywhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota with windows, you know what we know: The Northwoods is already seeing snow this year. 

The obvious shouldn’t deter you from sneaking away for one more fall weekend. There’s still time for some open water fishing before ice fishing starts up. Hunting season is in full swing. The crisp air is perfect for a hike — or some Christmas shopping around Walker’s shops. Even better, this is the perfect time of year to book a cabin or a room with a plan to do absolutely nothing or gather with your family in a home away from home. We’re still some months away from those subzero temperatures. Here are tips for a visit one more time before you come back for ice fishing!

Come for your hunting trip!

We’re proud of our fishing, but the Leech Lake Area makes for great hunting too. You can spend your day on great grouse trails, not to mention some of the best areas for duck season. Make sure you’re within the right hunting season using this guide. Only hunt for your limit and use proper gun/archery safety!  We want you to have a fun, safe hunting trip here, one that isn’t ruined for anyone.

While you’d think that this time of year, your fall jacket would suffice while walking the fields, the recent weather tells us it’s time to bring out your winter coat. Bonus points for a nice pair of coveralls or a rain suit for those cold mornings out in the fields.  

If you’re spending your nights around a cozy bonfire, or plan to just take it all in during the afternoons, you’ll want to bring a flannel or sweatshirt too. This way you can bundle up when the temperatures drop and stay warm and dry when it’s above freezing.
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Take one last open water fishing trip on Leech Lake!

Just because it’s late fall, doesn’t mean your late fall getaway must place you hunting in the fields around Walker, MN. There’s still time for open water fishing on Leech Lake! If Leech Lake isn’t frozen, you’ll still find people fishing on the water — even after some snow. 

In the meantime, we’ll still be publishing our regular fishing report for you, so you know exactly where on Leech Lake to head to catch your Thanksgiving fish fry. 

Of course, you’ll want to pack extra layers for being out on the water. And this period between warm open waters and the good ice fishing days may be the best time to upgrade your rod, reel, or tackle box. Make sure you stop by Swanson’s Bait & Tackle not just for your lures but for all your fishing (and even hunting) needs.

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Take a late fall hike or bike trail!


If you’re a bicyclist, you don’t have to switch to those fat tires just yet. Fortunately, we have many trails to choose from for that last trail ride before the ice. 

There’s also a chance for birding and even a chilly but fun geocaching adventure

Not only is the Leech Lake Area filled with numerous trails, we’re also located near the Chippewa National Forest, the Paul Bunyan State Forest and Itasca State Park. 

As you’re walking and biking these trails, you’ll want a pair of boots to keep your feet warm. Although, your planned itenary will depend on what kind of boots to bring.

Of course, it’d be silly to wear house slippers on any of these adventures. But when it’s time to change out of your wet and/or cold boots after a long day in the woods, a pair of cozy slippers will be a treat for your feet. Plus, they’ll be waiting for you when you step out of bed and as you just hang around the cabin before taking off! 
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Do absolutely nothing!


Bring a book, curl up by the fireplace, and get lost in the cozy feel of being away from home with no obligation. 

Maybe your spouse is out on their hunting or fishing trip, and you thought home just sounded boring. Maybe you’re on your own self retreat. Either way, we can’t think of anywhere better to curl up and just relax for a day or two. 

While taking in your home away from home, you’ll want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. We have to hand it to our lodging partners — there’s plenty of places around Leech Lake where you’ll find complimentary coffee during your stay. But there’s just something about having some fresh, local roast to brew up in your cabin on a chilly fall weekend.
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Want a cabin to make yourself a full breakfast? See what we’ve got!

Want to skip bringing coffee and have breakfast taken care of? We have those options, too. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving or a family dinner!

Thanksgiving often brings imagery of being at home, surrounded by those we love. But let’s face it, we’ve all been home a little more than we’d like this year.

Why not instead book a cabin or resort for Thanksgiving, where family gathering is just as warm and cozy as Home Sweet Home? If your family has little children, book a nearby hotel with a pool! Whether you’re meeting up for a cabin getaway with the whole family, or staying at a hotel for a late fall reunion, Walker is the perfect place to gather and give thanks this year. 

Of course, any time spent with relatives calls for the most vital means for survival: Chocolate. Ok, and maybe some beer, wine and liquor if we’re being honest.

There’s nothing that will bring the whole group together like sweets, chips, trail mix and something to wash it all down while keeping you warm — whether that’s cocoa or otherwise.

While Aunt Belle’s Confectionery is unfortunately closed for the season, there are plenty of places to load up on your weekend’s treats and drinks in the Leech Lake area. We’re also home to Portage Brewing Company if you’d like to both explore and enjoy a beer away from where you stay.
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