Don’t become isolated while you’re isolating

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Don’t become isolated while you’re isolating

December 2, 2020

We’re all in this together! Do your part! Stop the spread! Isolate! 

But don’t go crazy inside your house this winter. 

We know Minnesota winters get long and can drag on for what seems like forever. Being asked to help stop the spread of a pandemic in the meantime can further hurt not just a case of cabin fever — but possibly deteriorating mental health. 

Here are ways that you can isolate this winter without feeling isolated. You may find that some of these items don’t look any different from any other winter in Minnesota — things may be closer to “normal” than expected.

Go Ice Fishing!

Fishing may as well be Minnesota’s passtime. At least in the Leech Lake area, it is. Given Minnesota’s subzero temperatures and consistent snowfall (which has already made an appearance!), ice fishing is no different. Now, you can drill a hole and drop your line in the now-frozen water.

Leech Lake has plenty of opportunities for ice fishing on the lake and staying nearby during your trip. This year, you may not make that annual trip with all of your fishing buddies or even your extended family. It may be just you and the other members of your household, whether that’s your kids or spouse. Or, maybe all this time at home has you needing to get away from your family — as much as you love them. Whichever rings true for you, isolating on the lake with a line and a pole is a great way to do what you love while keeping others safe.

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Go Snowmobiling!

Frustrated at the world? Ready to not only get out of the house but just, go? Hope on your snowmobile, rev the engine and take all our nearby trails through national forests and state parks. It’s amazing what the fresh air around you and that power of the engine can do!
If you don’t have a snowmobile and you’re not able to purchase one, there’s plenty of nearby rentals and outfitters to scratch that itch without making a large investment. 

In the case of snowmobiling, playing it safe isn’t just about abandoning your usual large group of snowmobilers to go alone or along with your household members. We also remind you to wear the appropriate gear, go appropriate speeds and ride safely. 


Go cross-country skiing!

Not only do you get outside and move — both key components of mental health — but you also get in a workout. Because you’re relying on your self to propel you across the hills and trails, you’re working your core, legs and abdomen. Best of all? This sport means you go fast, so you’re too focused on the skis to need your usual group of loved ones in attendance. Someday we’ll all be together, skiing in large groups again!

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Go snow-shoeing

Sometimes you don’t need speed. You just need to walk the forest, take it in and spend some time by yourself. Or you’re ready to spend some time with your household just taking in the winter scene, either in silence or some much-needed conversation that you just don’t get when everyone is stuck at home all winter.
Leech Lake’s well-groomed trails are perfect for a good snow-shoeing adventure. The serenity cannot be beat. Neither can that feeling of being outside, taking in that fresh air, working out whatever’s been on top of your mind.


Relax inside, but away from home

You’re spending every day in the same house with the same people. A weekend stay in a different house may just take the edge off. Sit by a fireplace, play a board game, bring the deck of cards. Come alone to get away from those household members you love, or bring them too. 

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Someday, we’ll all be around a large table at a large reunion. Until then, stay safe, stop the spread, do your part — but take care of your wellbeing, too.

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