Tips for a Safe & Healthy Visit to Walker, MN

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Tips for a Safe & Healthy Visit to Walker, MN

July 9, 2020

If you planned a visit to the Leech Lake area this summer, you may worry that your vacation is in jeopardy. Not to fear! Our city has worked hard to ensure that your favorite restaurants, attractions and fun activities are available for you and your family this summer. Your visit might just look a little different than in previous years, as we ensure the health and safety of all our guests! Check out the list below for some tips on how to help us keep everyone safe, while still enjoying everything you love about Walker!

— Keep Your (Social) Distance

One great reason to spend your vacation in Walker is that we’re surrounded by natural beauty. Who wouldn’t love some time spent on the shores of beautiful Leech Lake? It’s a fantastic way to “get away from it all.” If you’re not a big fan of the water, there’s also the nearby Chippewa National Forest, Paul Bunyan State Forest, shops in Walker, golf courses, and more.

When we’re outdoors, it can feel like we don’t need to worry about the usual health guidelines. But we do ask that you continue to observe basic social distancing practices. For example, keep your mask on while singing songs around the campfire. If you’d like to greet your campsite neighbor, be sure to leave plenty of space.

— Plan Your Road Trip Stops in Advance

If you plan to make your way up to the Leech Lake area this summer, you may have a bit of a trip in your future. After all, folks come from all around the country to visit Walker, and some prefer to make the journey on the road! However, road trips can pose a bit of a health and safety hazard. If you happen to pick up any germs along the way, you might arrive in Walker with some invisible “uninvited guests!”

To help avoid this issue, do your best to plan ahead for your road trip. Pack plenty of snacks and hydration options. Review the road map ahead of time to find nice, secluded spots for a stretch break.

Of course, you’ll likely need some other kinds of “breaks” on your trip, as well — especially if you’re traveling as a family. In this case, visitor centers and similar facilities may have cleaner, more frequently sanitized bathrooms than your average roadside gas station.

Speaking of gas stations, one final tip — remember that gas pumps are a hotbed for germs! Be sure to sanitize your hands before and after you fill-up.

— Don’t Forget Your Face Mask

Even as you do your best to promote the health and safety of yourself and those around you, you may still find yourself in relatively close contact with others. For this reason, we suggest you continue to wear a face mask, even when you’re outdoors, and especially in areas of a large group. You and your family can even create your own summer-themed face masks! Here’s a link to an online guide for this “DIY” project:

— Careful Cleanup

Remember: Your good health & safety practices should not end when the festivities wind down. You (and your belongings) may have come in contact with germs, viruses, and bacteria. If possible, wipe down your supplies with sanitizing wipes before loading it into your vehicle. When you arrive at home, carefully wash your hands under hot water for 20 seconds, and toss your clothes into the laundry as soon as possible.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your visit to Walker while helping us ensure the health and safety of the community and our guests!

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