Spring on Leech Lake: For The Seasoned and The New

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Spring on Leech Lake: For The Seasoned and The New

April 8, 2021

As we’ve written before, the pandemic really had a way of bringing more people outside.

And while news of vaccines and less-worrisome headlines continue to emerge like the spring sun, we really hope you’ll stay awhile, and keep returning to Leech Lake!  

Alas, just as we warned our newcomers this winter about ice fishing and snowy adventures on Leech Lake, we have some tips for the new adventurers who will be open-water fishing on Leech Lake for the first time, going on new hikes and starting up that ATV. 

These tips aren’t just for the spring chickens. These make great reminders for our return visitors to Leech Lake, as well as seasoned outdoorsmen and women. 

Stay on the trails. 

Between the Chippewa National Forest, the Paul Bunyan State Forest, and Itasca State Park, the Leech Lake area has miles of trails to explore and hike. Each trail offers its own story and its own Leech Lake adventure! Did you know that Chippewa National Forest has the most bald eagles than any other place in the lower 48 states?

But there are plenty of trails to explore on your own. No need to go wandering the wilderness off-trail, which can prove dangerous and end in harm. 

If you can, plan your route so you know your destination, length of hike and about the time you’ll return. Random adventures can be fun! But you want to stay safe.

Pack prepared

Minnesota weather is never predictable, and spring is a clear example. Will it snow? Will it rain? Will it be a beautiful spring, sunny day? The answer is yes. 

Sunscreen, a raincoat, jacket or poncho, good boots, bug spray and dry/warm clothes are all a great idea to bring along. Check the weather forecast ahead of time, but don’t trust it too much, as you never know what the fickle weather will bring.

Pack enough water!

Yes, we know it’s not exactly scorching heat in the Walker, MN area yet. You can still become thirsty after a day of fishing on Leech Lake, or from hiking all those trails. Once you’ve packed your water, pack more. You can never have enough. 

Respect your environment

This may sound like a tired rule. But as you’re enjoying the trails, the fishing and Leech Lake in general this spring, please, please pick up your trash. If your pooch is enjoying her first day out in the sun after a long winter, pick up after her, too. 

And no matter how good of a girl she is, keep your dog on a leash! Minnesota’s nature is cherished and beloved by our longtime visitors, our newest friends and those who are passing through. Don’t ruin the longevity of this space. We want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable experience on Leech Lake.

Plan Your Trip

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