Minnesota Cabin Rentals

Minnesota Cabin Rentals

March 10, 2017

Minnesota is well known for it’s amazing fishing, beautiful lakes (all 10,000 of them), and quiet serenity. We think the best way to experience all of that is with a Minnesota cabin rental. A cabin rental provides all the comforts of home combined with the serenity and beauty of the outdoors.  Minnesota cabin rentals offer an affordable and family friendly way to enjoy spring, summer, fall, or winter without the struggle that camping often entails. Cabins have been a staple of the family vacation in Minnesota for over a century and it’s easy to see why, in this post we will explore the history and relationship between Minnesota families and cabins.

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The First Minnesota Cabin Rental

mn lodge

Minnesota’s First Lodge. Photo by Thompson Photography

Minnesota’s first ever resort and rental was built in 1865 and was know as the Lakeside Hotel, but it wasn’t until the late 1880’s and early 1900’s that the traditional Minnesota cabin rental came to the fore, with fishermen and families moving out from the cities during the summers to enjoy the beauty and splendor of a summer in the north-woods outside of the hustle of city life. For the next several decades Minnesota resorts and their lakeside cabins continued  to enjoy steady growth in popularity as the cities of the Midwest and plains region continued to prosper and expand so did the desire of people from these places to escape and enjoy the relaxation afforded by a secluded cabin on the lake.

While the popularity of Minnesota cabin rentals and resorts saw steady growth from the 1880’s through the early 1900’s it wasn’t until the roaring 20’s that cabins and resorts became a truly universal family vacation. This period saw an unmatched explosion in Minnesota resorts growing over 500% in under 10 years to 1300 in total. This coincided with the mass adoption of the automobile and a growing middle class, these two factors provided families with the ability and wherewithal to pack up the family and drive north to one of Minnesota’s many lakeside cabins. This period marked the beginning of the Minnesota lakeside retreat so many families across the state and country have chosen to make a part of their vacation. It also marked the growth of the Leech Lake Area into a north woods retreat, a distinction it still holds today.


The Modern Minnesota Cabin Rental is Born

After a period of struggle and stabilization during and after the great depression, the post war period starting in the mid 1940’s saw a resurgence and reestablishment of the classic Minnesota cabin rental in Leech Lake and the rest of the state. What had previously been small log cabins with only the bare essentials provided became full service cabins with full plumbing, electricity and all the other comforts associated with home at the time. This time also marked the period where the main lodge would become cemented in so many memories as a staple of any stay at a Minnesota resort cabin. Cabins would continue to modernize throughout this period, with the modern resort, cabin and lodge combination reaching their zenith from the mid 1950’s through the late 1960’s. This period in the history of the Minnesota cabin left an indelible mark on so many children of the period who still fondly remember summers spent in the cabins and on the lake. In the Leech Lake area many of the resorts can trace their origins to this period and most still exist today. Looking for more historic information on Minnesota Cabin Rentals, take a peak a Ren Hollands Minnesota resorts blog.


Minnesota Cabin Rentals Today

Minnesota Cabin Rentals

A Leech Lake Resort

At present Minnesota cabins and resorts are seeing a resurgence in popularity as families seek a temporary escape from the city and technology. Nearly all of today’s Minnesota cabin rentals come with WiFi, cable, and all the other modern conveniences of home, but the beauty, relaxation, and water sports that come along with a lakeside cabin nearly always take precedent. Phones, laptops and tablets become an afterthought to sunny days on the water and warm nights around the campfire. Today’s cabins and resorts help families come together and provide those same lasting memories visitors from decades past still think fondly of. Whether it’s learning to water ski or wakeboard, making new friends, catching that first fish or just taking a break, a Minnesota cabin rental is the perfect place to spend your next family’s next vacation.


Looking for a Minnesota Cabin for your next vacation, but not sure about where you want to stay in the state? Think about the Leech Lake area. With Minnesota’s third largest lake, some of the states best fishing, award winning resorts and cabins, and a long history of providing families with amazing memories and  one of a kind experiences, it is not to be missed. Explore Leech Lake Resorts and Cabin Rentals Now.

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