Leech Lake, MN: The Winter Adventureland With Resorts to Accomodate

Winter ATVing

Leech Lake, MN: The Winter Adventureland With Resorts to Accomodate

January 4, 2021

Winter is here! 

Yes, we love our open blue waters and warm sunshine as much as the next person. But in the Leech Lake, Minnesota area, the world doesn’t stop for winter. In fact, there’s even more opportunity to get out and enjoy activities you may have been waiting all year for!

One prime example is snowmobiling. There’s something bittersweet about putting your snowmobile in storage after the last snowmelt ahead of a late spring. Sure, warmer weather is ahead, but you won’t hear that roar of your snowmobile’s motor for a good few months. Now, it’s time to get that snowmobile out of storage and out on the freshly groomed trails! 

The trails in the Leech Lake area are groomed just for your snowmobile. It’s time to rev up the engine and feel yourself fly through the snow. There are so many trails in the Leech Lake area, not to mention open fields and a welcoming forest. Don’t forget to check out trail conditions and reports ahead of your visit here! Experiencing all the snowmobiling fun that Leech Lake, MN has to offer may take you all winter. Of course, you’re welcome to stay in the Leech Lake area all winter or as long as you’d like!

Speaking of staying on Leech Lake, be sure to check out our lodging options for resorts, hotels, lodges, BNBs and other lodging properties that are near the best snowmobile trails. So many of our local places to stay are snowmobile-friendly — too many to name, so just click here for the most snowmobile-friendly places! Did you know that many Leech Lake area resorts and restaurants offer parking and heated gear storage for your snowmobile? In case you couldn’t tell, the Leech Lake area loves its snowmobilers, and we’ll offer you that Midwest friendliness we’ve come to love. You Betcha! 

All we ask is that you snowmobile safely. The roar of that engine is exhilarating, but don’t forget we want you to have a fun and enjoyable experience in the Leech Lake area, and that includes leaving on both legs and no trips to the hospital!

If you’re more into using your legs for winter exercise, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are also activities that are great for the trails and forest! Whether you’re skiing downhill or pushing the snow beneath your skis as you trek across our expansive frozen tundra, the Leech Lake area is the place to be. Want to stay at a resort or lodging property near the trails? Many area lodging properties are open year-round, for just that reason. There’s nothing like coming in from a day out in the snow to a fireplace, indoor pool or just a warm bed. Here are just a few options! 

And ice fishing! How could we not mention ice fishing? Please keep up with our latest fishing reports to track which areas are walk-out frozen, and which areas may still be too thin for going out on the lake. Remember, even in subzero temperatures and amid lots of snowfall, the Minnesota DNR won’t call any ice 100-percent safe. There’s no way to tell just how strong the ice is just by looking at it, how old the ice is, how thick the ice is or how warm it is out. Not only is your next ice fishing trip determined by all of these factors — but the depth of the water, the size of the lake and other factors come into play. 

Please always visit Leech Lake with a preparedness plan and read the DNR’s helpful resources  for tips in those emergency situations: helping a friend, getting out of a submerged car, using ice rescue claws and more. We don’t want to dampen your plans, we just want to make sure you’re safe so you can come back to Leech Lake for years to come!

And now that you’ve made your plan to stay safe, make your plan to stay near Leech Lake! There is nothing like a Minnesota resort that just welcomes ice fishermen and ice fisherwomen, and boy, do we have those. Just look at this listing

In addition to asking you to stay safe on the trails and the ice, we do want to remind you to keep others safe this winter. Enjoy your winter expedition to Leech Lake with just household members. If you need to get away from your household (don’t worry, we won’t tell them), come alone. 

Wear your mask above your nose and mouth. If you’re in an area outside but there’s a lot of other guests around, keep your mask on while you’re there, too. That way, we can all gather again someday in our ice houses, lodges, resorts and chalets for our annual large fishing groups. Or we can meet up with our cross-country skiing buddies. Or we can meet up with our relatives for snowmobiling fun, and rev that engine and drive the snowmobile away when the brother-in-law starts discussing politics. 

Happy winter, Leech Lake visitors! Thanks for letting us be your home away from home.

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