Leech Lake Is the Perfect Place for Ice Fishing

Leech Lake Is the Perfect Place for Ice Fishing

March 14, 2019

Ice fishing is a great way to experience the beauty of a winter landscape. For those who already love fishing, it combines the peaceful solitude of a cherished activity with the stark white beauty of winter. A fish house on a winter lake can be the perfect getaway.

There is no better place to enjoy what ice fishing has to offer than on Leech Lake in Minnesota. Surrounded by gorgeous wilderness, Leech Lake is a winter wonderland for ice fishers. The lake is lined with resorts all along its shore where you are sure to find the right spot for your winter getaway. Some of the popular resorts include:

  • Lakewood Lodges. A team of ice experts works at this resort to help you with your ice fishing endeavors.

  • Adventure North Resort. A less crowded option for vacationers, Adventure North features world-class walleye fishing right off its shores.

  • Brindley’s Harbor. On a long peninsula at Walker Bay, Brindley’s Harbor has good access to the best fishing spots as well as dog sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

  • Big Rock Resort. Big Rock Resort offers free fish cleaning and packaging for the walleye, muskies, and perch you bring back from your outing.

  • Trapper’s Landing Lodge. Trapper’s Landing is ideal for ice fishing and offers many activities as well. They have over 1,600 feet of Leech Lake shoreline.

  • Bayside Resort. Inside they have a dart board, pool table, and pinball machine. Outside they have Agency Bay, a part of Leech Lake.

One of these resorts or many others makes for a perfect stay whether you want to ice fish, go snowmobiling or just explore the area. Kroubetz Fish House Rentals gives you an opportunity to take a small home away from home out onto the ice to catch some fish. With a deposit of $300, you can confirm the dates you want to have your fish house. Then you take your fish house, find your location and settle down for a relaxing time ice fishing with the comforts of home on hand.


Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a relaxing time in a beautiful environment, but you don’t want to just drop a lure in the water. You want to catch some fish, too! Here are some tips from the experts to help you make the most of your time ice fishing.

  • Scout until you find the right spot. Use sonar to hunt for schools of fish, and make sure to check to the side of your hole, not just directly underneath.

  • Look for the right kind of bottom. Fish like the sticky bottom areas in early winter but generally are more active in deeper waters later on.

  • Find depression. A depression in a large bay is a great place to catch a fish in winter, and most fishermen overlook these areas.

  • Move your jig. Make your bait wiggle around with small movements of the wrist to imitate live prey.

With these tips, you can start reeling in fish in your Kroubetz rented fish house amidst the splendor of Leech Lake in the winter. If you’re looking to get away for a time, give Leech Lake a try.


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