Leech Lake Ice Fishing

Leech Lake Ice Fishing

December 18, 2013

Even though the ice fishing has been pretty limited on Leech Lake so far this winter, Leech Lake ice fishing season is right around the corner! The Leech Lake area is the perfect place to go ice fishing because of the many area resorts that offer a perfect place to relax after a long day on the ice.


Right now the fishing reports are saying there are some limited fishing options in the Pine Point area, but anglers have only been walking out on the lake due to the deep snow and slush underneath it. The tough conditions have prevented ice fishing in any other spots on the lake so far, and ice depths are varying.


Even though the conditions haven’t been ideal so far this winter, there are still months of Leech Lake ice fishing ahead of us. Leech Lake is a great place to catch Northern Pike and the famous Eelpout. Eelpout are caught mainly during the winter, and a great place to find them once the ice thickens is Walker Bay.


One of the biggest challenges of ice fishing is trying to keep warm! Many of the Leech Lake area resorts offer ice house rentals that make your time ice fishing much more enjoyable. These resorts are an excellent place to relax after a successful day of fishing while drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.


The town of Walker, MN near Leech Lake offers many restaurants where you can stop to get a great meal and share your best fishing stories.


As you can see, there is no better place for ice fishing this winter than Leech Lake! Book your stay at one of the Leech Lake area resorts today. We hope to see you out on the ice soon!

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