Leech Lake Fishing

Leech Lake Fishing

October 3, 2012

Fishing on Leech Lake

Did you know that most of Leech Lake is less than 35 feet deep? Regardless, its 112,835 acres and 195 miles of shoreline make it the third largest lake in Minnesota.  It has a distinct shape that almost any Minnesotan could pick out on a map, and its rocky shorelines are the ideal spawning habitat for walleyes. Keep reading to learn more about fishing on Leech Lake.


Leech Lake is a popular fishing place for more than just walleye though. The beautiful lake is also a hotspot for bass, bluegill, crappie, eelpout  muskie, northern pike, and perch fish. Just like people, fish tend to follow certain routines throughout the season. This Fall, use these tips to catch the big one:

  • Bass/Pike: will concentrate in pockets left from the wild rice harvest.  Northland Reed-Runner single-spin spinner baits in natural colors work well, as will jig worms.
  • Walleye: In the fall walleye can be found near points and shorelines where the wind is blowing. Look for them where the hard bottom shifts into a softer bottom. Bigger minnows such as red tails are also effective either on jigs or rigged.

For more tips on how to fish this Fall season visit our tips and resources page!

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