Leech Lake Fishing Report for January 3rd, 2024

Leech Lake Fishing Report for January 3rd, 2024

January 4, 2024

Report from the Dock

This ice-fishing season took another strange turn last week with warm weather and measurable rain eliminating a lot of the ice that had started to take hold. There were even anglers fishing from boats… in some cases on lakes or areas within a given lake that had enough ice to walk on a few days earlier. Early this week, many locations of the state were in a re-start mode as far as making ice or allowing it to firm back up if it remained intact. There haven’t been a lot of solid fishing reports during the past week, mainly due to poor ice conditions. There are some exceptions, and you’ll still find numerous areas to fish this weekend; just continue to check the ice as you venture out, regardless of where you go. Obviously, ice conditions are better the farther north you travel, but you still can’t run anywhere you want, even across the northern part of Minnesota. Anglers still should plan on walking out or on some specific lakes light ATVs have become an option as well.

Leech Lake Report

Ice fishing options remained limited early this week with recent rain causing issues where ice had taken hold.

There are still pockets of open water on the main lake and in Walker Bay, along with some active cracks. While lake and ice conditions are expected to improve by this weekend, you’ll probably want to consider working through a resort until it gets colder, the ice firms up, and gets thicker.

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