Leech Lake Fishing Report For August 19, 2021

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Leech Lake Fishing Report For August 19, 2021

August 19, 2021

Report from the Dock

It seems as though many anglers have finally had enough of the wind and warm weather since the number of people venturing out over the past week really took a downward spin. In some locations, it’s become increasingly more difficult to get bigger boats launched due to low water levels and that’s keeping people off the lakes as well. With a handful of exceptions, walleye action has really slowed up, especially during midday hours. Persistent anglers are covering water with spinner rigs or crankbaits until they locate some fish and then they tend to sit on them and toss Jiggin’ Raps or jigs with minnows or a piece of crawler. Like it has been over the past couple of weeks, panfish, pike, and bass are keeping people busy across the state. They continue to be weed-related with bigger fish being found in deep cover and early or late each day. Look for supended crappies during the evening hours on top of the weeds and sunfish tight to the weed edges. Muskie activity picked up a bit, but most anglers are seeing more fish than they’re hooking.

Leech Lake Report

Perch action has picked up in less than 10 feet with a jig and minnow off Sand Point and the Narrows. Walleye reports remain light with a few fish coming off the flats in 8 to 14 feet on crawlers, others are being caught throughout the main lake by covering water with crankbaits in 10 to 12 feet, and there is some evening action off the points in less than 12 feet with slip bobbers and leeches or minnows. Look for muskies on the main lake rocks and thicker cabbage in the bigger bays.

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