Leech Lake Fishing Report For April 29, 2021

leech lake fishing

Leech Lake Fishing Report For April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021

Report from the Dock

Different week, the same story – fishing pressure continues to be incredibly limited and it’s all due to the weather. The cold, wind, rain, and even snow in some areas have meant almost no fishing activity across the state over the past week. This has been nearly a three-week run of poor weather and it’s having a huge impact on what’s happening. Water temperatures continue to be cold, colder than they were two weeks ago, so those shallow-water crappie and bluegill numbers just aren’t showing up. On the upside, the forecast is calling for the sun and warm temperatures to return this week and that should trigger a quick rebound in panfish action. It might only take a day or two for the sun to come out to really amp everything up. These fish are ready to move in, they just need the right weather and water temperature to do so. Until then, continue to look for crappies and sunfish just outside of the traditional, spring spots as they stage before moving in to feed. Bring on the sunshine and warm temperatures and the panfish should bite.

Leech Lake Report

There hasn’t been much activity on the lake due to the constant cold, wet, and windy conditions. Expect crappie action to pick up in the bays and harbors as soon as the sun comes out and warms those shallow areas up.

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