Leech Lake Eelpout Fishing

Leech Lake Eelpout Fishing

August 21, 2017

Leech Lake is one of Minnesota’s top fishing destinations, especially when it comes to the Eelpout fishing. Eelpout fishing is a big deal around here, and we are proud to hold the International Eelpout Festival every February. You’re probably thinking, can I only fish for Eelpout in the winter? And the answer is no. You can fish Eelpout year round, but the best time to fish for Eelpout is in late February. It is said that it is best to fish for Eelpout right before the first light of the day, or from sunset and on.International Eelpout Festival- Leech Lake

What is an Eelpout?

A Burbot, also known as an Eelpout, is a deepwater fish that is a cross between an eel and a catfish. Eelpout’s colors often times vary from yellow-brown to a dark olive with different color patches, which gives it camouflage like appearance. They often times have small scales, slimy skin, and nostrils that resemble a catfish.  They usually weigh around six pounds and are less than 28 inches long. They typically have a very long body with smooth skin and a single whisker under its chin. Eelpout is known to be great predators and is excellent to eat. Bubot can most commonly be found in northern Minnesota lake and river, including Lake Superior, but can also be found in part of the lower Mississippi River. The Burbot is a good indicator of a healthy watershed. They typically require water temperatures lower than 70 degrees in the summer and are a rare catch, but come winter the freshwater predator comes very much alive and active



How to catch an Eelpout

Most Eelpouts are accidently caught by anglers who are targeting other fish such as walleye. When deciding what bait to use, they typically are drawn to minnows on a spoon or jig that is hanging out in the lower muddy areas of the lake.  It’s important that when fishing for an Eelpout that you keep a watchful eye on your line because they have a very sensitive bite and if you wait too long, you will end up losing your opportunity. Eelpout typically is active during the lower light hours of the day.  If you’re lucky enough to catch an Eelpout, you have a good fish feed in your future!

International Eelpout Festival-Leech Lake


Fishing in Leech Lake

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