Leech Lake Area Fishing

Leech Lake Area Fishing

December 19, 2012

For those of you who ice fish and have been disappointed by this winter’s warm weather, you’re in luck! Last week it was reported that Walker Bay and Kabekona Lake have finally frozen over. Luckily, snow accumulations still only measure between 2” to 3” and the recent rain has not affected the quality of the ice. With low temperatures in the forecast we can also hope to gain a few more inches of ice in the near future!


Other small lakes in the Walker area report anywhere from 7” to 10” of good ice already.  Brave fishermen with their portable fishing shelters have been catching crappies, sunfish, panfish, and there has even been some spearing action for northern pike. This year we expect some major points on Leech Lake which include: Cedar, Sugar, Roger’s, Stoney, Pine, Hardwood, and Ottertail. In particular, Walker Bay will become a focal point of many ice anglers.


Some great fish to target this winter on Leech Lake will be Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish, Tulibees, and the ever famous Eelpout. The Eelpout species is targeted most heavily during the winter months and a great hotspot for them is Walker Bay. Leech Lake is a first rate angling destination in North America, and as the lake finally freezes over don’t miss your chance to partake in our areas pride and joy – Ice fishing.


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