Hunting Minnesota

Hunting Minnesota

November 1, 2012

It’s getting to be that anticipated time of year here in northern Minnesota. The “Minnesota fever” is upon us. Some folks say it’s the highlight of their year and is already here! The pride of the season finds us in blaze orange apparel as the Minnesota deer rifle hunting season commences!


Some dream of shooting that giant buck on opening day while others lie restless, strategically planning where and when they will get the perfect shot for that symmetrically racked 30 point buck.  As we clean our rifle for the umpteenth time, make sure our scope is on target, and hang our clothes on the line we cross our fingers that luck will strike this season.


We go to bed early so we can rise swiftly and silently before the sun. Hunters everywhere bundle up for the anticipated chill in the November air. As we make our way to those perfectly positioned spots, we are surrounded by darkness and a silence that is broken only by the sound of our footsteps and the wind whistling through the trees.


Finally it is time. As we sit in our deer stand anticipating the perfect buck to walk past our driving lane our senses are on high alert, waiting to pick up the slightest hint of movement around us. We wait, and wait, and wait……………. until it seems as though we may be the only living thing in the woods, but we know better. Suddenly, there’s crunch from a step in the dried leaves that have fallen. Our ears perk up, our heart starts racing, and sudden disappointment sets in as we find the crunch to be only a fox. So we wait……..


Do you have the Minnesota fever?



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