How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

January 12, 2016

Man caves are a great place to step away from everyday life and relax. Whether you are looking to have friends over and entertain or are looking for a relaxing evening by yourself, here are a few ways for you to make the most out of your man cave.

Recliner or Couch

The quickest way to relax is by having a great recliner or couch (or both) to sink in to. By adding a recliner and couch to your man cave, you’re setting yourself – and your guests – up for a relaxing evening of watching movies, sports, or enjoying great conversation. If you want your room to be a space for entertaining – the seating doesn’t have to break your budget. Check out the local thrift store or Goodwill to see if there is any seating you can fix up. Or keep your hammock up full time for an easy spot to jump in to and relax.


No matter the season or sport, you need an awesome TV to sit and watch the game.  We like huge, flat screen, wall-mounted TVs because they give you more storage room and they make you feel like you’re right there in the game. Not in to sports? Try out a projector to watch all of you favorite movies. Projectors take up even less space and can show images as large as your wall.


If you are looking to have some friends over, games are an essential part of your man cave. Here are some of our favorite gaming items to get so you can be prepared for all number of guests.

Games for Two People: Dart boards can be purchased inexpensively and are a great game to play if you are just having one buddy come over, and can be picked up easily at your local Target or Walmart. If you have a little bit more room, a game of pool or Foosball is always enjoyable.

Bullseye on a dart board

Games for up to 4 People: Let’s throw it back with an N64.  Sure, you can get the latest version of Xbox or PlayStation but you can also bring it back to the 90’s and play some of the best videos games. Golden Eye, Zelda, Super Mario anyone?

 Marshmallow shooter

We’ve featured this marshmallow shooter before – and we still love it.  Even though hunting season has come and gone, you can stay sharp all year round with this awesome marshmallow shooter. Bonus – it doubles as a snack delivery system.

Bar and Snacks

Easy access to food and beverages is must when it comes to your man cave. Who wants to leave the room to go get a refill? If you consider yourself a beer connoisseur – or a homebrewer, get a kegerator to have all of your favorite beers on tap. We love this DIY idea of taking an old computer desk and turning it in to a basement bar.

liquor cabinet

Not in to beer? You can have carbonated water on tap as well. Try adding in flavors to give your water an extra boost. Having and fridge and a microwave in the man cave makes snacking easy.  Grab chips and dip, pop a bag of popcorn, or snag some cheese to snack on. Having kitchen basics in the man cave simplifies your relaxing day.

Neon Sign

Neon sign that reads "Man Cave"

We love this neon sign from to welcome visitors to the man cave. Try it out above the doorway or behind the bar and let visitors know they’ve arrived. If you want something more personalized, check out Custom Neon for their customizable neon signs.


If you are having friends over to play some poker and hang out, a good set of speakers are the next thing you need for your man cave. Try out some Bluetooth speakers so everyone can take turns playing DJ. By syncing your smartphone with the Bluetooth, you can play your favorite Pandora station or Spotify playlist without getting up.


If you already have a fridge and bar, the next logical thing to have included in your man cave is a bathroom. Then you will never really have to leave the cave – until you have to get more food. To give the bathroom a more “manly” touch, try using a Craftsman door cabinet for your counter and storage.

sleek clean bathroom with dark cabinets and tile

Photo via Houzz

Decoration for the Outdoorsmen

Whether it’s fishing, duck hunting, deer hunting, or all of the above – use your man cave to display your gear. Hang a display box with filled with your duck calls, or make your trophy antlers the focal point in your room. Just because you’re sitting inside doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with the outdoor man at heart. If you want to create even more or an outdoor feel, try decorating with a camouflage couch, pillows or a camouflage blanket.

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