How to celebrate the Fourth of July on Leech Lake (in the new world!)

Leech Lake 4th of July

How to celebrate the Fourth of July on Leech Lake (in the new world!)

June 29, 2021

This time last year, you may have been weary of crowds or even travel, as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world. 

In 2021, vaccationationers and vacations are both prevalent — and we are loving it! As you celebrate the Fourth of July in this brave new world, whether you’re here for fishing on Leech Lake or local shopping in Walker, keep these tips in mind.


Be Patient and Friendly


You’re not the only one getting out of the house this summer, and many Leech Lake resorts and area hotels are already booked for the holiday weekend and later. Everyone has the same goal as you: To enjoy the Fourth of July weekend on Leech Lake and make it a memorable one! 

This doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy our crystal blue waters, the Walker business community and all of Leech Lake’s other fun activities. But if you find that swimming beaches, docking areas, businesses and restaurants are a bit busy — please be patient! 

Additionally, like much of the country, several local businesses in the Leech Lake area are short-staffed this summer. Please remember that local employees just want to enjoy their summer at Leech Lake as much as they can. We want everyone to enjoy Fourth of July at Leech Lake to the fullest. Crowds and limited staff won’t ruin the weekend as long as everyone is friendly and kind, both to other visitors and employees. Ask our local business’ staff their favorite dining spot or area attraction — we love chatting with those who visit Leech Lake! 


Celebrate Safely


Studies show that crimes involving alcohol will increase on a holiday weekend like the Fourth of July. We know that reuniting with your Leech Lake fishing buddies, meeting your loved ones and spending the day on the water calls for a good time, maybe even the best time yet! But getting arrested for driving under the influence will only hurt the experience. So would a wreck that involved alcohol, a crime of violence while under the influence or anything that involved an injury. 


Precautions are Still Important


If you haven’t gotten your COVID-19 vaccine yet, please do. Some businesses are still requiring those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask. We know, no one can force you to prove that you’ve been vaccinated, but we’d still like to prioritize the safety and health of those who visit Leech Lake as much as possible. That includes you and your loved ones!

If you feel safest keeping your mask on even when it’s not required, feel free to do so while enjoying all the things to do near Leech Lake. If you’re not masked up and someone else is, please don’t be rude by asking them why or making rude comments. 

While there is no need for the current low number of COVID-19 cases to keep you from enjoying all the activities near Leech Lake, we suggest that you still use hand sanitizer and continue to wash your hands frequently. We want everyone can stay safe and healthy long after their Fourth of July on Leech Lake ends!

Make A Reservation 


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