Fourth of July In Leech Lake: Where to Watch the Fireworks

Fourth of July In Leech Lake: Where to Watch the Fireworks

June 29, 2016

We all love a good fireworks display in Minnesota (or anywhere really) especially one reflected over the beautiful waters of Leech Lake just after dusk, where the colors blend perfectly with the calm waters and the darkened night sky. To ensure you have all the options to watch them available to you, we will be providing a detailed guide on where the Walker Fireworks will be launched from, the best places to view them and how to get there by land or by water!

 Walker lighthouse

The Walker / Leech Lake fireworks will be launched from Walker City Park (Google maps) over the waters of Walker Bay, it’s the place with the lighthouse. If you are going to be watching the show from land in the park. You may want to arrive up to an hour early as the best spots along the water are claimed early and quickly and the entire park will fill up. If you get there early enough you may be able to claim a spot on one of the docks that extend underneath the awesome display. If you show up later expect to have to park several blocks away and make the journey into the park from further in town.  Here are some tips we hope will make your fireworks viewing a little better.

  • If you show up early be sure to bring a cooler with snacks and beverages
  • Parking further away isn’t always a bad thing, traffic will be thick after the fireworks are done. Walking to your car parked far away often is a quicker exit than parking close.
  • Enjoy the Show!



If you are Lucky enough to live on Leech Lake or are visiting with a boat you have the opportunity to get the best seat in on the lake, but there is still a large amount of boaters who will come to see the display so the earlier you arrive the better position you can get. After so many years of boating out to the displays we have found there are a few must haves before you pull away from the dock and head over to Walker Bay

  • Anchors, Anchors, Anchors – You will not have a very good time if you show up in an area crowded with boats and don’t have any anchors. One will do, but we actually prefer three heavy ones so the boat stays steady and we don’t have to worry about changing seating positions as the fireworks progress.
  • Make sure your lights are functioning – there are going to be a lot of boats out on the water on the Night of the fourth make sure everyone can see you.
  • Avoid falling pieces – There is an area in front of the park over the water where much of the small debris from exploded fireworks will land. Anchor yourself about 600-800ft off shore to avoid these pieces landing in your boat.
  • More than one show – If you’re comfortable with your boating skills in the dark after the Walker fireworks show is over, stay on the water and take a cruise on Leech Lake, you will likely find many private but still great fireworks displays along the shore.
Leech Lake Fireworks
Photo By Maria Wagner

Every year is a little different but the fireworks in Walker are always great and they seem to get better every year. We hope you find our Walker / Leech Lake Fourth of July fireworks tips helpful, if you have any other tips of your own please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter and see you on the water!

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