FEATURED MEMBER: Steamboat Bay Resort on Leech Lake

FEATURED MEMBER: Steamboat Bay Resort on Leech Lake

June 20, 2012

Steamboat Bay Resort on Leech Lake is a small ma and pop resort that seems to be the perfect getaway for any individual, family, or group looking for a getaway on a budget. It’s a small, affordable resort that started out as a fishing camp that has transformed into an angler’s heaven and a family fun destination. It appeals to angler’s with its protected harbor, boat ramp, live bait, gas, docks, and a fish cleaning house all on site. It’s also a great place for families and large group gatherings. The area itself is the big attraction for these families. They enjoy the biking, hiking, swimming and the fishing that the area and the lake have to offer. They are located conveniently just 5 miles north of Walker, and many people enjoy taking their boats or biking the trail to town.

The Steamboat Bay Resort on Leech Lake offers just the basic amenities needed and encourages guests to explore the area and all that it has to offer. Doug and Cynthia (owners of the resort) do however enjoy personalizing their guest experiences by offering each guest a complimentary ice cream sundae (June-August) and offering group activities to kids. They also have a number of outdoor activities for guests to enjoy, including: volleyball, horseshoes, tetherball, shuffleboard, a playground for kids, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, inner tubes, and a water trampoline. They are located on a beautiful sandy shore that both children and adults can enjoy.

In speaking with Doug, he was eager to tell me about the resort and how they appeal to families and fishermen. “We are not a top end resort, and we don’t want to be,” he states. They really focus on affordability and good family fun. Each cabin has a kitchen and outdoor charcoal grill wherein guests can take care of themselves for meals. Doug went on to say, “a lot of the resort is decorated with 60’s and 70’s décor, which the guests tend to have fun with!” When I asked Doug what his favorite part is in running the resort, he replied

“the best part is just Minnesota summers; I mean, boy, it’s just beautiful up here!”

He went on to talk about all the people he meets in a summer and all the memories he makes year after year. He mentioned how fast the summers go by when he is meeting people all the time. He says the fishing is just great and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

“I am a lucky person to have a job that I enjoy, and I know that.”

In addition to being such a great place for angler’s and families, the resort is also dog friendly! This resort seems to welcome just about anyone! Doug and Cynthia have also put in Martin houses that encourage birds to frequent the property!

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