FEATURED MEMBER: Country Inn Walker

FEATURED MEMBER: Country Inn Walker

August 23, 2012

Country Inn Walker
Looking for an affordable Minnesota getaway with proximity to endless activities and attractions? There is no better place to stay than the Country Inn Walker. The Country Inn Walker has built a reputation of clean rooms and excellent customer service over the years. This Country Inn is much different from a typical hotel stay, as June LeBlanc (G.M) puts it,

“It is on a more personal level, we like to make people feel at home while they are here.”

The staff will do what it takes to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Although they don’t have bag boys, they will go out of their way to carry guest’s luggage. Guests are also greeted to the Inn with fresh baked cookies and coffee available 24 hours a day. Some other notable amenities offered at the Country Inn include a pool and hot tub, continental breakfast, whirlpool suites, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

This Inn appeals to a variety of people including fishermen, bikers, families, couples, and others. The fishermen enjoy being able to fish during the day, hot tub at night, and enjoy a continental breakfast in the morning before they go back out to fish Leech Lake. The lake is less than a mile away with just a frontage road between the Inn and Leech Lake. Families enjoy the indoor pool as well as the MN bike trails that go right by the Inn. The Inn is also very close to downtown Walker, MN where there is a variety of activities for adults and children. Walker is a destination for many bikers. Many of them find the Country Inn Walker to be a perfect place to stay while they bike the trails. June explained,

“One group of cyclists has been coming back here for 8 years to bike all the trails over their week stay at the Inn.”

When I asked June her favorite part of running the property, she did not hesitate to say, “The people!” June explained her interest in talking with new people. She went on to tell me about a group of Vietnam vets that stayed at the Inn last summer that hadn’t seen or spoken to one another in 34 years! It sounds like a diverse group of people can be found at the Country Inn Walker, as well as countless activities to occupy ones time!

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