Expect Fine Fishing this Opener

Expect Fine Fishing this Opener

May 9, 2014

With the Minnesota fishing opener taking place this weekend a lot of anglers in the area are wondering just what they can expect on the lakes given the fact that, as usual, our winter weather has extended its stay here in the Northland. But all signs are pointing to a great fishing opener in the area. With the recent rains we have been having most lakes have cleared up their ice coverage and according to the local weather report we are expecting to have beautiful weather with Saturday topping out around 65° and Sunday around 64°! Saturday night calls for a chance for showers and that could help with the walleye in Leech Lake, which according to the DNR are in abundance on the lake.


The DNR also reports that for fishing opener they will be relaxing the protected slot limit on Leech Lake allowing for the harvest of walleye up to 20 inches, northern pike should be around 24 inches or longer and the yellow perch are expected to be good-sized as well! So with great weather in place and an abundance of good-sized fish waiting to be harvested what drawbacks could there be to this fishing opener? Well reports also indicate that due to the cool weather that has stuck around many Minnesota anglers have postponed purchasing their fishing license to wait and see how the opener will pan out. So you can expect that if you haven’t gotten your license as of yet that there is going to be a rush to purchase them today. So other than the possibility of extended travel times for those coming from out of town and the possible lines to acquire your license this year it seems that the 2014 Minnesota fishing opener should be a great one!


As always though please remember to practice safety while fishing, here are some safety tips provided by the DNR:

  • Always handle tackle responsibly
  • Make sure to always check behind you before casting to avoid snagging anything
  • If a hook is deep inside a fish’s mouth do not put your hand in to retrieve it, instead use a hook remover
  • Always dress for the weather and be prepared for sudden changes


When boating:

  • Be aware of how to use the rescue devices on the boat
  • Stay seated as much as possible
  • Never overload the boat
  • Keep your eyes on the weather and leave the water before a storm hits
  • Travel slowly in shallow areas
  • When traveling at night make sure that your running lights are on

Best fishing tip of all, bring a friend! So enjoy the fishing opener this season and stay safe to all!


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