2015 Eelpout Festival Review

2015 Eelpout Festival Review

February 24, 2015

This past weekend was the annual Eelpout Festival. The festival weighed in over 570 Eelpout throughout the two day tournament, despite negative temperatures.

2015 International Eelpout Festival Tournament Result from our friends at Leisure Outdoor Adventures:

Top Ten Biggest Pout
1. Calen Zubke 10.55lbs
2. Dustin Nelson 10.38lbs
3. Mike Nelson 10.25lbs
4. Todd Felix 9.87lbs
5. Tommy Stangel 9.65lbs
6. Lacy Edwards 9.41lbs
7. Sandy Shipp 9.15lbs
8. Matt Christopherson 9.08lbs
9. Todd Ploutz 8.61lbs
10. Lucas Davis 8.60lbs

Top Ten Individual Tonnage
Kevin Joslyn 173.97lbs
Michael Marion 57.7lbs
Joe Eichberg 50.55lbs
Tyler Eichberg 50.54lbs
Steve Graff 46.36lbs
Tommy Stangel 44.52lbs
Josh Surber 44.06lbs
Curt Eichberg 43.77lbs
Tim Humphrey 43.71lbs
Kaylea Eichberg 42.74lbs

Team Tonnage
Thunderbirds 351.27lbs
218 Wrecking Crew 350.31lbs
Incognito 287.25lbs
Team Sunday 101.77lbs
Happy Hookers 91.87lbs
Northwoods Outfitters 85.71lbs
Mo Pout 45.21lbs

Punt Pout Winner
Jamie Johnson .20lbs

Kids Perch Jerk Results
Riley Nihort 1.03lbs
Jadon Petrie .95lbs
Jera Petrie .78lbs
Gavin Hookom .72lbs
Hailey Petrie .68lbs

Congrats to all of the winners, we look forward to seeing you again next year!


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