Best Summer Fishing Spots On Leech Lake

Best Summer Fishing Spots On Leech Lake

July 14, 2016

Leech Lake is most definitely a source of outdoor fun and adventure from boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and more, but don’t forget it is one of the best lakes in Minnesota for casting lines, sitting back and relaxing while you fish. Leech Lake is Minnesota’s third largest  at 111,527 acres, and has nearly a dozen bays each with their own unique fishing opportunities and habitats. These habitats give anglers the ability to target 15 unique fish species from catfish to white perch and trout among others year round and another five from May to March including Musky and Walleye. If you are new to fishing on Leech Lake or just looking for some great Leech Lake fishing information, this post is written for you, we will share some of our favorite spots to fish on Leech Lake in the summer. Visit our Fishing Tips and Resources Page for even more information

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Photo by Matt Taufen


  •  Muskie: These monsters are fun to fish and love clear water that has plenty of weeds, large logs, stone outcroppings, and other larger debris. On Leech Lake in the summer months Portage Bay, Walker Bay, Submarine Island and Agency bay tend to be the most popular with consistent rocky shallows or dense weed beds in these areas, which make for the perfect musky habitats.
  • Bass: Personally one of my favorites if I’m looking for a relaxing day casting in the summer months. Bass prefer shallow waters and weedy or well vegetated waters along the shore where insects are plentiful. Try seeking out areas of with lots of cover when casting for Bass. On Leech Lake, Steamboat Bay’s rice beds tend to be a great spot to attempt to hook a few while you relax in the sun.
  • Northern Pike: As a cold water fish Pike will let you pull away from the shore a bit more if you feel like it or if it’s getting too crowded for your tastes. This isn’t to say you can’t be successful casting for them in the shallows, you certainly can. Pike just give you a little more area to work with while still getting hits in comparison to Bass or Muskie on Leech Lake. Some great shallow spots for casting are Boy and Sucker Bay and if you enjoy trolling Cedar Point to Minnesota Island offers some great opportunities.
  • Walleye: Leech Lake has one of Minnesota’s healthiest Walleye populations and it shows. This might be some of the most exciting fish to cast for Leech Lake, especially during the summer months. They also allow you to pull even further away from the shores during the day in the summer months before they move closer to the shore in the evening, which helps to change things up if you’re tired of casting into the shallows. Because they prefer gravel, packed sand or rocky lake floor. Walker Bay around the rocky basins and humps, tends to be the most popular spot for Walleye on Leech Lake but Agency bay also offers some great Walleye fishing as well.
  • Pan Fish: These are usually Bluegill and Pumpkinseed, with a smattering of Sunfish on Leech Lake. They are the perfect fish to if you want to sit back and relax with a bobber or if you are fishing with young children. Panfish and especially bluegill love sheltered cribs, fallen trees on the shore other structures. Recently Moonlight bay has offered some great spots for panfish on Leech Lake.


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With its diverse array of habitat options, size, and many unique bays you will likely be able to eventually get something to bite along the shore wherever you are. There are also many other varieties of fish and habitats Leech Lake has to offer that we didn’t have the space to talk about here. So if you are looking to relax after days of water sports like skiing and tubing, grab a pole jump in the boat or sit on the end of a dock and go fishing! We will see you on the water!

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