Are You Up-to-Date on Walleye Fishing in Walker?

Are You Up-to-Date on Walleye Fishing in Walker?

July 25, 2019


If you haven’t yet had a chance to take a fishing trip to Walker, MN, you might need a quick refresher on the walleye fishing regulations that took effect at the start of the 2019 fishing season. These regulations only apply to walleye caught in Leech Lake, so if you’re fishing in a different lake in the Walker area, no need to worry! However, we do have some other tips and resources for walleye fishing no matter which lake in Walker you choose, so be sure to read on.


New Walleye Regulations for 2019


First things first: anyone fishing for walleye in Leech Lake should know the new regulations for 2019. Previously, anglers could keep up to 4 walleye, but were required to release any walleye in the 20-to-26 inch “protected slot.” As of 2019, this protected slot is removed. This means that anglers can still keep 4 walleye in total, but only one may be over 20 inches.


The benefit of these new regulations is that you’ll avoid the disappointment of netting a nice, big walleye for your fourth catch…only to find that it’s only 25 inches and needs to be released. It also makes the regulations for Leech Lake much more similar to the rest of the state, making it easier to keep track no matter where you choose to fish in Walker.

Fishing Tips & Resources


Of course, even with the updated regulations, you still need to get out there and catch those fish! We have plenty of tips and helpful resources to ensure you land that big catch.


First off, be sure to check our website every Thursday for an updated Leech Lake Fishing Report! The experts at Outdoor News provide detailed insights about the latest fishing conditions and hottest spots on the lake. You can find the Fishing Reports here — it’s a great page to keep “bookmarked” so you can easily check on the most recent reports.


In addition to our fishing reports, you can also find some general walleye fishing tips specific to Leech Lake. If you’re interested in catching other species in addition to walleye, visit our overall fishing tips page for tips and recommendations from everything from bass to bluegill.


Finally, for making your way around the lake and planning which spots you might like to try, we have a whole list of useful maps of Leech Lake. With information about everything from lake depth to vegetation, you’re sure to find a map that tells you exactly what you need to know. Check out the full list of maps here.

Upgrade Your Equipment


In case you missed it earlier this year, we wrote up some blog posts that reviewed some of the newest fishing gear for 2019. We covered everything from lures and rods to depth finders and tackle bags. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!


Already made your way out to Walker and realized you forgot something? No worries. Many of the available Leech Lake lodging options in the Walker, MN area have extra fishing supplies available if you need them!

Man holds two large walleye he caught in Leech LakeWith all this fantastic information at your disposal, you should be well-equipped for a successful fishing trip. Here’s hoping you leave Walker with plenty of walleye!

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