7 of the Funniest Fishing Lures

7 of the Funniest Fishing Lures

August 13, 2019

Need a way to pass the time and enjoy a little laugh as you wait for a nibble on your line? We scoured the web for goofy, unusual, and flat-out weird fishing lures for your entertainment. Here’s the 7 lures that gave us the biggest chuckle.


#1 – Labatt Blue Bottle Cap Lures


 For those who really love their Canadian beers, give these bottlecap lures a try! Maybe you’ll find some walleye who share your taste in pilsners.

#2 – “The Floater”


It should be obvious why we chose to list this particular lure at this particular position in the list… Maybe it’s for catching “crappies”?

#3 – Spark Plug Lure


What do you need to drive a car underwater?
Your diver’s license!

#4 – Corn on the Cob Lure


For extra effectiveness, drench this lure with butter and salt first!

#5 – Submarine Lure


Keep an eye out for tiny torpedos!

#6 – Alien Fishing Lure


Maybe this little green man will help you “abduct” a big Northern or two.


#7 – Troll Doll Lure


“Dave, this isn’t what I meant when I said we should try trolling for fish.”

Bonus Pic – “Fish Eye” Fish Camera


It’s not a lure, but we had a good chuckle at this made-up prank gift box. Gives a whole meaning to the term fish-eye lens!

We’re not sure how well these lures will actually perform… for some truly helpful fishing insight, be sure to check out our weekly Fishing Reports. If you do want to give some wacky lures a try, you’ll need a place to stay — we’ve got you covered. Check out our Plan Your Trip tool to select all the amenities you need and find the perfect lodging venue for you.

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