6 Reasons Walker, MN is a Great Spot for Your Spring Vacation

6 Reasons Walker, MN is a Great Spot for Your Spring Vacation

March 20, 2023

Walker MN

Winter is slowly on its way out the door and you might be thinking about how you want to spend spring break this year. While a luxurious trip to a tropical island is always a great way to escape the cold, if that’s your thing, planning an adventurous trip to northern Minnesota can not only be more cost-effective but more memorable, too. 

There are a variety of reasons why Walker, MN makes a great spot for your spring vacation destination!

1. Leech Lake

Leech Lake is a beautiful lake to spend a vacation by, even in the spring. While we don’t recommend going swimming in it yet, you can still get in some fishing, just in time for that infamous spring perch bite. No matter what you choose to do, we know you’ll have a great time at the lake!

Check out the fishing resources for some of the favorite species to chase, rentals, and fishing guides that can be found around the area.

2. Awe-inspiring hiking trails

Winter hiking isn’t for everyone. So, if you’ve been waiting until the snow started melting to hit the trails again, then Walker, MN is a great spot to plan a vacation. We’re conveniently located near a variety of amazing parks and trails including:

  • Chippewa National Forest
  • Paul Bunyan State Forest
  • Itasca State Park

Find more information about these hiking trails here!

3. Various local bike trails

Similar to hiking, there are a variety of awesome, biking trails that are perfect to explore this spring. Heartland Trail, Lake Country Scenic Byway, and many more will get you out in the heart of nature while exploring some of the most beautiful spots Leech Lake has to offer!

4. The North Country National Scenic Trail

The North Country National Scenic Trail, once completed, will be 3,200 miles long and connect the Lewis & Clark Trail in Western Dakota with the Appalachian Trail in New York making it the longest continuous footpath in the United States. While the entire trail is not yet complete, it is finished in our neck of the woods. This remarkable path traverses the Chippewa National Forest in the south, filling it with beautiful scenery and connecting it to the Heartland Recreational Trail, the Shingobee Recreation Area, and the Paul Bunyan recreation trail. 

If you have hopes of completing a life-changing hiking journey across the wilderness of the midwest (or at least get a small taste), then this is a great trail to check out! If you choose to continue following the path, you’ll find yourself wandering east through beautiful wilderness lakes and wetlands and hundred-year-old stands of white and red pines!

5. Downtown Walker, MN

Downtown in Walker is filled with fun local shops and boutiques as well as a variety of delicious places to eat. So, if you find yourself spent from all of the wilderness exploring, or you’ve caught your limit of perch and looking for something else to do, taking a trip downtown will be a great way to spend an afternoon. Find some souvenirs to bring home so you can always remember your trip!

6. Fun local events

There’s always something going on in Walker. Some of our favorites include:

  • Pint + Pie at Portage Brewing Co.
  • Live music at Chase on the Lake
  • Trivia Night at Rendezvous Brewing in Hack

Check out our calendar to find out what’s going on during the time you’ll be here! 

Tips for traveling to northern Minnesota in the spring

While we northerners love spring weather, it can be especially unpredictable. So, we love to remind ourselves and our visitors that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear! If you’re planning a trip to Walker, MN this spring, we highly recommend the following:

  • Extra clothes so you can wear layers when needed
  • A rain jacket
  • Hat, gloves/mittens, scarves (whatever you need to stay warm on a chilly day)
  • Wool socks
  • Tennis shoes and rain boots
  • A backup set of dry clothes in case you get wet
  • Sunglasses
  • An extra fishing pole and spool of line

Remember that we can have cold, wet days and warm, sunny days all throughout March and April. So, when packing for your trip, we always suggest packing for anything!

Contact us to learn more about traveling to Walker, MN.


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