Leech Lake 2013 Deer Hunting Opener

Leech Lake 2013 Deer Hunting Opener

November 7, 2013

It’s that much anticipated time of year again in Northern Minnesota: deer hunting season! The Leech Lake and Walker area attract hunters from all over the Midwest every year to participate in the popular fall tradition of deer hunting opener weekend.


Deer hunting season officially begins in the Leech Lake area on November 9th, so you only have two more days to prepare yourself before you head out on Saturday in hopes of getting your 30 point buck. The Leech Lake area offers the best hunting spots in Minnesota, and you can really feel the thrill and excitement in the air as hunters from all over the area set up their deer stands and wait in the chilly November air for their chance to shoot their prized buck.


If you are traveling to the Leech Lake area for deer hunting opener, many of the area resorts are still open and provide the perfect place to relax and put your feet up after a long day of hunting. The area resorts offer all the comforts of home and are close to all the best hunting spots, so you won’t have to worry about anything but planning your hunting strategy. The town of Walker, MN also offers a wide variety of restaurants to warm up and gather with friends at night to share hunting stories and prepare for the next day in the woods.


Are you ready for the deer hunting season to begin? We look forward to seeing all you hunters dressed in your blaze orange apparel in the Leech Lake area this weekend!

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