Huddle’s Resort

Huddle’s Resort

September 28, 2012


Since 1928 Huddle’s Resort has been a favorite vacation destination for Minnesota residents. The Leech Lake area is a wonderful location not just for its scenery, but its proximity to many enjoyable area attractions such as golf courses, parks, shops, and restaurants.


Passed down through generations, Huddle’s Resort on Leech Lake is very family focused. Unlike other resorts, Roy and Kay Huddle aim to make each visitors stay memorable by focusing on the spirit of the resort.


Huddle’s Resort offers a wide variety of activities including volleyball games, scavenger hunts, hiking, and canoing. One of the favorites among these activites are the fishing contests. Leech Lake is one of Minnesota’s premier sport fishing lakes. With 112,000 acres of water it offers many opportunities for even the most amateur of anglers.


Huddle’s Resort also offers fully equipped cabins with all the modern comforts. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset over Leech Lake from your deck or screened porch, and if you love to grill you are in luck because each cabin also comes with a grill and a fire pit! You can choose from a one bedroom to a six-person bedroom and of course, each cabin features a beautiful lake view.


If you’re looking for that special place to be reminded of the magic, to gather family and friends for the simple pleasures of life at the lake—then come, join generations who have made Huddle’s Resort their family’s Minnesota vacation tradition!



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